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The obvious question from students
What they always ask when they start shooting

A student wrote me the other day and asked me : do you think I can be good at photography, will i be a good photographer? Not the first nor the last time i ‘ll hear it . And the truth is, 99 % of students who start shooting do so as amateurs and have no concept of light , composition, among other things . This means that he or she has no chance to be a photographer ? Obviously not
The problem is that the photography is, by many, seen as the immediate solution to their current professions . They see photography as the coolest profession and in the minds of most all you need to do is work on the “green” mode and shoot. He/She can learn the technique after (in their minds, that is the line of thought) and adapts to the work.
Therein lies the danger. Photography is no different than any other profession. In the first month you are much worse than in the second year. Cartier Bresson used to say that his first 10000 photos were crap . Think among this line of thought.
All human beings on earth are able to become good photographers. Some will have to exercise more , others will pick up more easily in less time . I had a teacher who believed that no one is “gifted”. There is only training and dedication .
And to let you know, get ready, because it is an area with a much bigger competition than before the digital age. Just do what it’s needed to succeed! Obvious advice.